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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What a time we've had the past few weeks!

Gina and I have completed our relocation to Northwest Florida. We loaded a Uhaul truck on Tuesday and it took 3 days to fit all our "stuff" into it. We loaded during the day ... and I preached Revival during the evening. Needless to say, it made for a very busy week. However, God blessed abundantly!!! Altars were full each night at Open Bible Baptist Church (Millville, NJ). Pastor Danny Gardner started this church several years ago and continues to have a vision to see souls saved. We thank the Lord that he used us to be a blessing to this church and look forward to being with them again in the future.

On Thursday, we pointed the Uhaul truck southward and drove straight through to Crestview, Florida. We had placed an offer on a foreclosed home that was accepted a few months ago, but a week before closing the financing fell through because of our change in ministry. This resulted in a mad scramble to find another place. We decided to put half our "stuff" in storage and give the rest to our daughter Becci and her husband Josh. Becci and Josh have also been gracious enough to allow us to stay with them while we are in the area.

Sunday found us at our home church, Faith Independent Baptist Church (Niceville, Florida). It felt really good to be back home. That morning we officially moved our membership back there. On Sunday evening, I preached and God challenged us through His Word!

On Wednesday, we will board an airplane to Guam where we spend 3 weeks. I will preach special meetings at Family Baptist Church, Lighthouse Baptist Church, and Temple Baptist Church. We have looked foward to this for months and it is now just a day away! Pray that God will use us and that souls will come to Christ!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Latest News From the Road

On January 15th, Gina and I were privileged to be at Faith Baptist Church in Delmar, Md. Pastor Ken Johnson has been the faithful pastor of this church for the past 35 years. His ministry has been a labor of love and he has endured many battles throughout the years. The church is filled with wonderful people that stand behind him.

January 18th found us at Mainland Baptist Church in the Atlantic City, NJ area. We were blessed of the Lord to present our ministry and the church members responded well as I preached, "The 3 Sides of Timothy".

Starting Sunday I start a meeting at Open Bible Baptist Church in Millville, NJ. The meeting will go through Wednesday and we encourage anyone in the area to support this meeting. We covet every prayer that is made on our behalf. Thank you.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Meeting!

Gina and I just returned from our meetings at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Moscow, PA. The people of this church hungered for God's Word! They were such a joy to preach to and they seem eager to reach their community with the Gospel of Christ. The church runs between 50 - 75 people and most of them found themselves at the altar each service! Pastor John Nemo and his family are doing a great job ministering in this church. We are praying that this church will see many souls saved in the coming months.

God has been so good to use us these past few weeks and we look forward to our next meeting on Sunday @ Faith Baptist Church in Delmar, Md.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We're Off!

January 1st marked our last service at Port Norris Baptist Church in New Jersey. Gina and I have labored there for 7 years and will always remember our time there fondly.

We are quite excited about our new ministry ... full-time evangelism! I'm also thankful for a fantastic wife who shares my excitement for serving Christ. Not every wife can be enthusiastic about the nomadic lifestyle of the evangelist, but she has eagerly embraced God's call on our lives.

Our first Wednesday found us at Mays Landing Baptist Church. Pastor James Fulleylove and the members were such a pleasure to be around. They have a vision for their church and are pressing forward. There was good response at the altar with decisions being made for the New Year!