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Sunday, August 28, 2011


We'd like to share some exciting news … God has called me into full-time evangelism. As a man of God, I made a vow long ago to seek God’s will and follow it. God has revealed his will to Gina & I ... and we count it a great privilege to follow the path he has set before us.

On August 21st, I made this announcement to our church. It was received with many tears, but they are supportive of God’s will for our lives. My intention is to stay here until the end of the year as their pastor, while I try to fill my 2012 schedule. I will also help in the process of seeking the next man to pastor Port Norris Baptist Church.

Our future ministry will be a bit different than the normal evangelist. Our ministry will be 3-fold: Revival for the local Church, Reaching our military for Christ overseas through the local military churches located outside each base, and to Reinvigorate the small church. Many of our smaller churches cannot afford to bring an evangelist in. This ministry will require much prayer and support. 
I invite you to visit our NEW website at www.KRSenn.com.

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